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Welcome to 12StepHouse.net

The 12 Step House is a non profit organization dedicated to people that meet in groups to recover
from their addictions to alcohol, gambling and other substances & issues. The 12 Step House is
governed by a Board of Directors who serve in a voluntary capacity to provide a clean, safe
meeting facility. Our quest is that all people looking for recovery find our facility comfortable,
welcoming and a place to heal from their addictions with the support of others in recovery.

The 12 Step House facility holds in excess of 50 meetings per week &
serves over 50,000 attendees annually.


If you would like to volunteer for some service work please contact us


The groups that hold meetings here are:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
  • AlAnon
  • Cocaine Anonymous (CA)
  • CoDependants Anonymous (CODA)
  • CoDependants of Sex Addicts (COSA)
  • Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA)
  • Dual Recovery Anonymous (DRA)
  • Gamblers 12 Step (G12)
  • Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
  • Relapse Prevention (RP)
  • Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA)
  • 12 Step House Board Meeting
  • AA District 18 Board Meeting
  • CA Board Meeting
  • G12 Board Meeting

Relapse Prevention Group

The Relapse Prevention Group is addresses high-risk situations & behaviors and therefore helps avoid relapse.

The group has people who have been through multiple relapses and we discuss strategies to stay sober.



Our address is 7306 Grant St. Omaha, Nebraska.
Please stop by and say hello!  Medical Students are welcome at open meetings.  Check the schedule.
Map to the 12Step House

The 12 Step House is a non-profit organization; It is not allied with any 12 Step Group.